Getting Started with Wealth Management

Learn Where Your Current Investment Portfolio Stands Today!

A significant portion of your integrated wealth management will involve your current investments; therefore, it is important to ask yourself questions three important questions:

  • Do you want to preserve your wealth to maintain your lifestyle in retirement?
  • Do you know where you stand in terms of how much risk you are taking?
  • Do you know how much risk you should be taking to help generate the amount of income you need to maintain your standard of living during retirement?

Taking on too much risk can cause you to withdraw a greater percentage of your portfolio in down years than is sustainable, while not taking enough risk could cause you to fall short of your goals. Either of these errors can result in running out of money during retirement. Click the button below to take the free self-assessment quiz and get a free portfolio comparison to see how well your portfolio matches your Risk Number®.

“What you don’t know, can hurt you.”


Your RiskNumber® gives you a range of possible results based upon your existing investment holdings, in both up and down markets. If you don’t know where you stand, you should. Remember, what you don’t know can hurt you.