Video Learning

Financial Videos for Continuing Education

The following videos have been provided as an additional method for clients and class attendees to receive continuing education after having attended one or more of our live classes.

Some videos are core topics and will remain fairly constant, other will be updated to provide additional material on important and timely topics. Check back regularly for updates and new items that may be of interest to you. While all videos are free, some require access by entering either your CRA Client Code or by registering once below if you are not yet a client in order to comply with licensing agreements.


Life in a Box: Do You Know Where Everything Is And What
Everything Is Worth?

Personal Financial Website Training

Track Finances For An Aging Parent

MRO Security


Annual Reviews: What They Are And Why They Are Necessary

Track Your Retirement

Asset Management

Asset Allocation

Robo Advisors

Financial Planning

Creative Planning

Checklist For An Aging Parent

College Savings

Your Child’s First Portfolio

For Your Child – Need vs. Want

For Your Child – How To Budget

For Your Child – The Golden Rule

Car – Buy vs. Lease

Protecting Those You Love Most

Risk Management

Life Insurance

HealthCare Planning

Irrevocable Life Insurance Trust – ILIT

Estate Planning

Living Trust – Do You Have One?

How Does A Trust Work?

What Will A Will Do?

The Ultimate Dress Rehearsal: The Importance Of A Coordinated Legacy Plan


Economic Reality: What The American Debt Crisis Means For You